Table 2

Interventions in acute stroke in SLSR of 1995–2010*

VariableSocioeconomic deprivation (Carstairs score—quintile)p Value
Deprived (2nd–5th Q)
Least deprived (1st Q)
nPer centnPer cent
Hospital admission, n (%)2783/319187.8721/79990.20.019
Stroke unit admission,†n (%)1518/271056.0402/70856.80.715
>50% of stay on stroke unit†1135/245446.3295/63546.50.926
Brain imaging, n (%)2827/304492.9719/77193.00.710
Swallow test,†n (%)2524/276891.2665/71393.30.074
  • Values are numbers of patients with process/total number of patients with data on process measure (%) unless stated otherwise.

  • *Patients with a subarachnoid haemorrhage were excluded in this analysis because they have differing needs for acute care and are typically managed in neurosurgical wards following different protocols. All data analysis excluding patients with subarachnoid haemorrhage (total n=3990 remained).

  • †Limited to patients admitted to hospital.

  • SLSR, South London Stroke Register.