Table 3

OR for receiving provision of acute stroke care in SLSR of 1995–2010*

Socioeconomic deprivationHospital admissionStroke unit admission†>50% of stay on stroke unit†Brain imagingSwallow test†
OR‡95% CIp ValueOR‡95% CIp ValueOR‡95% CIp ValueOR‡95% CIp ValueOR‡95% CIp Value
All patients
  Yes0.71(0.54 to 0.94)0.0170.87(0.71 to 1.07)0.1820.86(0.68 to 1.08)0.1940.93(0.55 to 1.58)0.7910.65(0.45 to 0.95)0.023
Subgroup data analysis
 By ethnicity
  Black§0.52(0.26 to 1.04)0.0640.76(0.48 to 1.18)0.2160.81(0.51 to 1.28)0.3580.58(0.10 to 3.39)0.5431.08(0.48 to 2.45)0.845
  White§0.74(0.53 to 1.03)0.0760.89(0.69 to 1.14)0.3380.90(0.68 to 1.19)0.4610.80(0.43 to 1.52)0.5000.62(0.39 to 0.97)0.039
 By period of stroke
  1995–2000§0.60(0.41 to 0.89)0.0100.76(0.57 to 1.02)0.0670.71(0.47 to 1.08)0.1120.83(0.42 to 1.63)0.5850.50(0.22 to 1.14)0.100
  2001–2010§0.79(0.52 to 1.20)0.2740.97(0.73 to 1.30)0.8540.97(0.73 to 1.30)0.8540.98(0.37 to 2.62)0.9650.68(0.44 to 1.04)0.078
  • *All data analysis excluding patients with SAH.

  • †Limited to patients admitted to hospital.

  • ‡OR adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity, living conditions before stroke, period of stroke, BI prior to stroke, stroke subtype, Glasgow coma scale sore (≥13), incontinence, speech deficit and motor deficit.

  • §OR was for patients having socioeconomic deprivation in comparison with those having not.

  • BI, Barthel index; SAH, Subarachnoid haemorrhage; SLSR, South London Stroke Register.