TableĀ 2

Comparison of the clinical features of DLB and delirium

Gradual, progressive onsetAcute onsetNo
Global cognitive impairment (particularly attention, working memory, visuospatial, some executive functions)Cognitive impairment (particularly attention, orientation, memory, visuospatial, vigilance)Yes
Fluctuating cognitionFluctuating cognitionYes
Recurrent visual hallucinationsVisual hallucinationsYes
Spontaneous features of parkinsonismPsychomotor disturbancesSome
Repeated fallsRisk of fallsSome
SyncopeNot reportedNo
Transient loss of consciousnessFluctuating consciousnessYes
Neuroleptic sensitivitySome symptoms responsive to neuroleptics for example, agitation, psychosisNo
Hallucinations in other modalitiesHallucinations in other modalitiesYes
REM sleep behaviour disorderDisturbances in the sleep-wake cycleSome
Emotional disturbancesEmotional disturbancesYes
  • DLB, dementia with Lewy bodies; REM, rapid eye movement.