Table 1

Demographic data of patients and controls

CIDP (n=53)GBS (n=21)Normal controls (n=60)Disease controls* (n=10)
Median age (years; range)59 (18–83)57.5 (26–83)54 (22–82)53 (34–78)
Gender43 m, 10f14 m, 7f31 m, 29f3 m, 7f
Material33 sera, 20 PE8 sera, 13 PEserumserum
Nerve biopsies31 (3 anti-contactin-1-positive patients, 28 negative patients)000
Skin biopsies16 (2 anti-contactin-1-positive patients, 14 negative patients)310 (separate control group)0
  • *Patients with multiple sclerosis (n=6) and myasthenia gravis (n=4).

  • CIDP, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy; f, female; GBS, Guillain-Barré syndrome; m, male; PE: plasma exchange.