Table 1

Pooled patient baseline demographics and characteristics10

OnabotulinumtoxinA (n=688)Placebo (n=696)p Value
Mean age, years41.141.50.579
Female, %87.685.20.185
Caucasian, %89.790.50.602
Mean headache days19.919.80.498
Mean moderate/severe headache days18.118.00.705
Mean total cumulative hours of headache occurring on headache days295.93281.220.021
Mean total HIT-6 score*65.565.40.638
Patients with severe (≥60) HIT-6 score, %*93.592.70.565
Patients overusing acute headache medications, %†64.866.10.450
  • *HIT-6 scores of 36–49 indicate little or no impact; 50–55, some impact; 56–59, substantial impact; 60–78, severe impact.

  • †Patients must have taken acute headache medication at least twice per week in any week with ≥5 diary days and on ≥10–15 days (depending on the medication category) during the baseline period.

  • HIT, Headache Impact Test.