Table 1

Reliability measures and imaging parameters

ScaleBrain regionScale incrementsImaging planeMR contrastReliability*CitationsApplications
Pasquier et al12Global cortical4AxialT2-weighted
>0.6 (Cwκ)12>0.7 (Cwκ)124435Y6Y7
O'Donovan et al13Ventricular enlargement4AxialT1-weighted0.9 (ICC)0.92 (ICC)10NN
Davies et al16/Kipps et al17Frontotemporal5CoronalT1-weighted>0.7/0.62–0.71 (Cκ)0.8/0.79–0.83 (Cκ)90/609NN
Davies et al18Frontotemporal5CoronalT1-weighted0.71 (Cwκ)0.75 (Cwκ)313NN
Ambikairajah et al21Frontotemporal5CoronalT1-weighted0.91 (Uκ)Not reported00NN
Chow et al22Frontotemporal5Coronal
T1-weightedLAC 0.06 and 0.07
LAT 0.2 (kw)
Not reported00NN
De Leon et al23 24Medial temporal4AxialT1-weighted0.72 (Uκ)†Not reported2130NN
Scheltens et al29Medial temporal5CoronalT1-weighted0.72–0.84 (Cwκ)290.83–0.94 (Cwκ)29350100+Y8Y7
Galton et al32Medial temporal4‡CoronalT1-weighted0.36–0.49 (Fκ)‡0.8 (Cκ)10013NN
Urs et al33/Duara et al34Medial temporal5CoronalT1-weighted0.75–0.94 (Uκ)0.84–0.93 (Uκ)21/5912Y9Y10
Kaneko et al35Medial temporal4CoronalSTIR0.68 (Uκ)0.79 (Uκ)00NN
Kim et al36Medial temporal5AxialT1-weighted0.64 (Uκ)0.62/0.95 (Uκ)11NN
Koedam et al38Posterior4Coronal Axial SagittalT1-weighted FLAIR0.65–0.84 (Cwκ)0.93/0.95 (Cwκ)195NN
  • *Highest reported values—citation listed if the value is not taken from the original paper.

  • †Based on CT images.

  • ‡Novel aspect only.

  • Cwκ, Cohen's weighted κ; Cκ, Cohen's κ; Fκ, Fleiss’ κ; ICC, interclass correlation coefficient; KW, Kendall's W; STIR, short TI inversion time; Uκ, unspecified κ; N, no; Y, yes.