Table 3

Focal increases in [18F]GE-179 VT—individual patients versus 10 controls

Patient IDProbable localisation
MRI[18F]GE-179 VT increasesCluster size (mm3/voxels)Peak voxel coordinates
(x, y, z; mm)
ZmaxCluster level p (uncorrected)
1L frontotemporalR IFG lesionL frontal7000/875−322 2344.46<0.001
4MultifocalMultiple tubersBrainstem5152/64408–28–384.580.001
L temporal3264/408−32 04–364.090.007
R temporal1720/21518 04–303.970.039
5Bilateral temporal L>RNegativeR frontal3360/420381 0244.430.006
7R frontalNegativeL frontal5904/738−122 2424.230.001
R frontal4512/564061 8404.230.002
  • The cluster(s) reaching significance at p<0.05 uncorrected are listed. The contribution of global VT to variance was removed by an ANCOVA by group. Underline indicates concordance between the cluster of increase and the location of the presumed epileptogenic zone, where known.

  • ANCOVA, analysis of covariance; EEG, electroencephalography; ID, identifying number; IFG, inferior frontal gyrus; L/R, left/right; mm, millimeters; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; VT, volume-of-distribution.