Table 2

Focal decreases in [18F]GE-179 VT—individual patients versus 10 controls

Patient IDProbable localisation (EEG)MRI[18F]GE-179 VT decreasesCluster size (mm3/voxels)Peak voxel coordinates (x, y, z; mm)ZmaxCluster level p (uncorrected)
4MultifocalMultiple tubersR parietal4864/60862–32 383.620.002
7R frontalNegativeL temporal3968/496−58–20–224.320.003
R frontal1704/21310 20–203.890.040
  • The cluster(s) reaching significance at p<0.05 uncorrected are listed. The contribution of global VT to variance was removed by an ANCOVA by group.

  • ANCOVA, analysis of covariance; EEG, electroencephalography; ID, identifying number; L/R, left/right; mm, millimeters; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; VT, volume-of-distribution.