Table 2

Surgical results following selective peripheral denervation for spasmodic torticollis in 54 patients/61 procedures

PreoperativeFollow-upMean improvement in per centp Value
Cervical dystonia scale (Tsui)
 5 days postoperative (n=61)10.0 (4.0)3.9 (2.1)61.0<0.0001
 6 months postoperative (n=55)10.4 (3.9)4.5 (2.7)56.7<0.0001
 Long-term follow-up (n=34)9.7 (4.0)5.3 (3.3)45.3<0.0001
VAS for pain
 6 months postoperative (n=38)6.5 (2.6)4.2 (2.6)35.3<0.0001
 Long-term follow-up (n=27)6.1 (2.5)4.0 (2.9)34.4<0.01
  • Mean values and (SD) of Tsui’s Cervical Dystonia Scale and of a VAS for pain are shown. Wilcoxon signed rank test was used for statistical analysis.

  • VAS, Visual Analogue Scale