Table 6

Regression coefficients for prognostic factors in the final predictive multivariate regression models for selected clinical outcomes at 15 years

VariableClinical outcomes at 15 years*
SPMS conversionChange in EDSSEDSS 3-month confirmed progression
Female sex−0.5176; p=0.0864
Baseline EDSS score+0.6587; p<0.0001
Change in EDSS score at 24 months+0.5963; p<0.0001+0.7087; p<0.0001+1.3607; p<0.0001
Change in log(T2 BOD) at 24 months+0.8351; p=0.0268
Medication Possession Ratio−0.0099; p=0.0261−0.0078; p=0.0238
  • *Data calculated using forward selection, stepwise multivariate analysis.

  • BOD, burden of disease; EDSS, Expanded Disability Status Scale; SPMS, secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.