Table 1

Characteristics of 54 patients with spasmodic torticollis treated with a total of 61 procedures of peripheral selective denervation

Age (mean and range)53.3 (30–69) years
Sex21 male/33 female
Duration of disease (mean and range)15.96 (4–49) years
Muscles selectively denervated (n (%) of patients)
 Sternocleido and contralat splenius/semispinal22 (36)
 Sternocleido and bilat splenius/semispinal8 (13)
 Bilat splenius/semispinal7 (11)
 Unilat splenius/semispinal6 (11)
 Unilat sternocleido5 (8)
 Sternocleido and ipsilat splenius/semispinal2 (3)
 Sternocleido and ipsilat splenius/semispinal and upper trapezius2 (3)
 Lev scapulae and ipsilat upper trapezius2 (3)
 Sternocleido and ipsilat splenius/semispinal and lev scapulae1 (2)
 Sternocleido and contral splenius/semispinal and upper trapezius1 (2)
 Sternocleido bilat and bilat splenius/semispinal1 (2)
 Sternocleido and ipsilat upper trapezius1 (2)
 Unilat splenius/semispinal and sternocleido and lev scapulae1 (2)
 Unilat splenius/semispinal and lev scapulae1 (2)
 Lev scapulae and upper trapezius1 (2)
  • The muscles denervated in each patient are presented.

  • contralat, contralateral; ipsilat, ipsilateral; lev scapulae, levator scapulae; splenius, splenius capitis; Sternocleido, sternocleidomastoid; unilat, unilateral.