Table 2

Association between right hemisphere haematoma and clinical outcomes

Number of outcomes (%)OR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
 Left hemisphere149/1381 (11)1.00(Reference)1.00(Reference)
 Right hemisphere178/1327 (13)1.281.02 to 1.620.041.771.33 to 2.370.0001
Death or major disability
 Left hemisphere769/1381 (56)1.00(Reference)1.00(Reference)
 Right hemisphere699/1327 (53)0.890.76 to to 1.290.46
Major disability
 Left hemisphere620/1381 (45)1.00(Reference)1.00(Reference)
 Right hemisphere521/1327 (39)0.790.68 to 0.920.0030.850.72 to 1.010.06
  • *Adjustment for age, sex, region, time from onset to randomisation, systolic blood pressure, GCS score (3 categories of <9, 9–12 and >12), glucose, baseline haematoma volume, deep haematoma location, intraventricular extension, trial and randomised treatment. Adjusted model run on n=2553, excluding 155 missing values.

  • GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale.