Table 2

Cut-off values that identify PBVC/y (as measured by SIENA) distinguishing HC from patients with MS with specificity ranging from 95% to 80% and the corresponding levels of sensitivity

PBVC cut-offs, %Specificity (%)Sensitivity (%)
−0.5295% (observed 97)49% (observed 44)
−0.4690% (observed 91)56% (observed 48)
−0.4080% (observed 86)65% (observed 61)
  • Values of probability are estimated from the theoretical normal distributions of PBVC/y in HC and patients with MS (in brackets, those actually observed are reported). Note that the observed sensitivity was very similar when only patients with RRMS (n=180) were considered.

  • HC, healthy controls; MS, multiple sclerosis; PBVC/y, annualised percent brain volume change; RRMS, relapsing–remitting multiple sclerosis.