Table 2

Regions with increased lesion probability associated with poorer performance in clinical domains (thresholded at p<0.001 uncorrected)

DomainRegionSidecm3Peak T valueMNI coordinates of local maxima
Executive functionPrecentral gyrusR0.083.7548829
Inferior frontal operculumR0.243.8449928
Anterior cingulumL0.073.48−24314
Cerebellum crus1R0.183.5140−65−37
Cerebellum crus2R0.043.4840−65−38
Cerebellum 8R0.013.3238−57−47
Memory functionSuperior frontal lobeR0.013.2917372
25TWTCerebellum crus2L0.023.31−30−77−36
zPASATSupramarginal gyrusR0.013.2858−3933
Cerebellum crus1L0.013.34−29−60−38
Cerebellum 6L0.033.59−27−58−35
z9HPTPrecentral gyrusR0.043.3611−2475
  • Lesion load in the cerebellum in particular is related to poorer executive, TWT speed, and PASAT performance.

  • 9HPT, 9-hole Peg Test; zPASAT, Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test; 25TWT, 25-foot Timed Walk Test.