Table 5

Categorised relapse outcomes from baseline to PRISMS-15 in the lowest (MIN) and highest (MAX) quartiles by cumulative total dose of sc IFN β-1a, and by time receiving sc IFN β-1a

 Number of relapses
Cumulative dose of sc IFN β-1a
 MIN (n=73), n (%)29 (39.7)25 (34.2)19 (26.0)
 MAX (n=72), n (%)41 (56.9)20 (27.8)11 (15.3)
Mean (SD) time on sc IFNβ-1a treatment,*years10.70 (4.73)9.45 (5.27)8.44 (5.23)
  • *n=156 in the 0–5 relapses group; n=85 in the 6–10 relapses group; n=49 in the ≥11 relapses group.

  • IFN, interferon; sc, subcutaneous.