Table 2

RNFL thickness, considered as categorical variable according to the normal distribution percentiles provided by the manufacturer's inbuilt database, in people with epilepsy and in healthy controls

People with epilepsyHealthy controlsSignificance of difference (Pearson χ2), p Value*
Average RNFL thickness, µmN (%)B (%)A (%)N (%)B (%)A (%)
Average RNFL thickness across all 4 quadrants70.317.012.795.54.50.0<0.001
Superior quadrant71.69.319.11000.00.0<0.001
Nasal quadrant89.95.44.797.
Inferior quadrant71.612.416.<0.001
Temporal quadrant88.66.05.496.
  • *Comparison of normal versus borderline or abnormal values among the two groups (2×2 table).

  • A, abnormal (≤1st centile); B, borderline (≤5th to >1st centile); RNFL, retinal nerve fibre layer; N, normal (>5th centile).