TableĀ 3

Proportion of patients moving to each disease stage from the stage in the left column

Total number of patients reaching this Stage during the course of follow-upProportion moving to Stage 1 (%)Proportion moving to Stage 2 (%)Proportion moving to Stage 3 (%)Proportion moving to Stage 4 (%)Proportion moving to Stage 5 (death) (%)Proportion not moving from this Stage by the end of the study (%)
Stage 1725N/A59.331.
Stage 24300N/A54.017.05.323.7
Stage 346300N/A42.319.038.7
Stage 4302000N/A47.053.0
  • More patients at stages 1, 2 and 3 progressed to the consecutive disease stage than progressing to any other disease stage.

  • N/A, Not applicable.

  • The bold text refers to transition to the next consecutive stage.