Table 3

Bone metabolism and DXA findings of patients with SBMA

Mean±SD (range; median)Controls
p Value of patients vs controls
Bone metabolism analyses
 Serum calcium (mmol/L) (reference range 2.1–2.8)2.4±0.1 (2.19–2.69; 2.39)2.3±0.1ns
 Serum phosphorus (mmol/L) (reference range 1–1.5)0.97±0.14 (0.64–1.29; 0.98)1.0±0.2ns
 Alkaline phosphatase (UI/L) (reference range 44–147)55.7±16.5 (34–111; 52)
 Parathyroid hormone (pg/mL) (reference range 10–60)28.7±12.0 (5.8–63; 27.1)33.3±15.6ns
 25-OH vitamin D (nmol/L) (reference range >50)43.3±23.0 (8.9–133; 40.84)37.6±28.5ns
DXA parameters
 Lumbar BMD (g/cm2)1.19±0.19 (0.79–1.42; 1.14)1.08±0.210.0019
 Lumbar T-score0.66±1.38 (−1.5–5.2; 0.45)−0.33±0.950.0001
 Femoral BMD (g/cm2)0.97±0.22 (0.26–1.9; 0.95)1.02±0.19ns
 Femoral T-score−0.65±1.16 (−4.31–1.9; −0.6)−0.41±0.72ns
Low BMDPatient numberControl numberp patients vs controls
Lumbar level1/616/600.045
Femoral level20/619/600.022
Femoral/lumbar level4/613/60ns
  • BMD, Bone Mineral Density; DXA, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry; ns, not significant; SBMA, spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy.