Table 1

Demographic and clinical information for all study participants

CON (n=12)psALS (n=12)ALS (n=12)
Age (years)47.8±12.6 (20–65)47.8±12.4 (20–65)47.8±8.5 (31–64)
Gender10 F: 2 M10 F: 2 M6 F: 6 M
Gene mutationNA10 SOD1
2 C9ORF72
Site of symptom onsetNANA2 Bulbar
2 RUL, 1 LUL,
5 RLL, 2 LLL
ALSFRS-RNANA33.8±4.5 (21–38)
Disease duration from symptom onset (months)NANA47.0±35.1 (13–123)
Progression rate (48—ALSFRS-R / duration in months)NANA0.47±0.29 (0.11–0.94)
  • Values are given as mean±SD (range).

  • ALSFRS-R, revised Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Functional Rating Scale; CON, control; LLL, left lower limb; LUL, left lower limb; NA, not applicable; RLL, right lower limb; RUL, right upper limb.