Table 1

Baseline characteristics

VariableAll patients
Sex, n (%)
 Female52 (82.5)
 Male11 (17.5)
Type of MS, n (%)
 RRMS61 (96.8)
 CIS2 (3.2)
Age, mean±SD, years38±9.8
Age at disease diagnosis, mean±SD, years32±8.3
Disease duration, mean±SD, years8±7.9
EDSS, mean±SD2±1.5
SIENAX absolute BV, mean±SD (minimum–maximum), mL1101±109.0 (853–1393)
NeuroQuant absolute BV, mean±SD (minimum–maximum), mL1162±118.0 (902–1468)
MSmetrix absolute BV, mean±SD (min–max), mL1107±103.0 (881–1364)
T2 lesion number, mean±SD (minimum–maximum)51±38.2 (4–159)
T2 lesion volume, mean±SD (min–max), mL7±8.2 (0.1–32)
  • *Three participants were excluded from the MSmetrix analysis.

  • BV, brain volume; CIS, clinically isolated syndrome; EDSS, Expanded Disability Status Scale; MS, multiple sclerosis; RRMS, relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis; SIENAX, Structural Image Evaluation using Normalisation of Atrophy-Cross-sectional.