Table 2

Screening tools

Migraine-specific screening tools
 Migraine Related DisabilityMigraine Disability Assessment Scale (MIDAS)129 130Most global validated scale for measuring migraine disability outcomes
Non-migraine-specific screening tools
 Psychiatric Comorbidity Transdiagnostic SymptomsMood, Anxiety and Physical Symptom Scale (MAPSS)73
Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS)131 132
  • Screening for distinctive psychiatric categories is difficult due to the symptom overlap between the different psychiatric categories

  • The MAPSS addresses this problem and was field tested in patients with headache. However, it is not a validated screening tool, and thus, its utility is limited at this time

  • Screens for both depression and anxiety

 DepressionPatient Health Quality (PHQ)-976 77
Beck Depression Inventory-2 (BDI-2)133
PHQ-9 is completed by the patient and was developed for use in primary care
 Panic DisorderAnxiety Sensitivity Index134
 AnxietyGeneralised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)-7135
Beck Anxiety Index (BAI)136
 Bipolar DisorderMood Disorders Questionnaire (MDQ)137 138
 StressPerceived Stress Scale42 139 140Used in migraine studies
 SleepPittsburgh Sleep Quality Index,141 Insomnia Severity Index142Unless the historical or examination findings suggest a primary sleep disorder, a formal sleep evaluation is usually not necessary in patients with a well-defined primary headache diagnosis65
 Post-traumatic Stress DisorderPost-traumatic Stress Disorder Checklist (PCL)109
Primary care PTSD Screen (PC-PTSD)143