Table 1

Demographic and clinical information of the study participants

Median [range]
Gender (female/male), n (%)16 (61.5)/10 (38.5)
Age (years)42.5 [33–71]
Natalizumab treatment duration (doses)42.5 [17–84]
Interval between last natalizumab dose and PML-IRIS on MRI (days)65 [14–147]
Interval between PML diagnosis and PML-IRIS on MRI (days)42 [6–98]
Asymptomatic at the time of PML diagnosis, n (%)5 (19.2)
Symptomatic at the time PML diagnosis, n (%)21 (80.8)
Patients who recieved corticosteroids <30 days prior to PML-IRIS, n (%)4 (15.4)
  • IRIS, immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome; PML, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy.