Table 1

Demographic and clinical patient characteristics

Age, mean years±SD64±12
Men, n (%)141 (59%)
Reason for presentation, n
 Minor ischaemic stroke110
 Transient ischaemic attack113
Symptom onset to imaging time, median days (IQR)6 (2–19)
Comorbidity, n
 Antithrombotic drugs223
 Antihypertensive drugs43
 Lipid-lowering drugs39
 Previous myocardial infarction10
 Previous cardiac bypass surgery9
 Peripheral artery disease6
 Current or recently stopped smoker33
Degree of ICA stenosis, n
Degree of contralateral ICA stenosis, n
Degree of BA stenosis, * n
 50–99% unilateral9
 50–99% bilateral4
 Occlusion unilateral2
  • *Based on peak systolic velocity criteria for duplex ultrasound.

  • BA, basilar artery; ICA, internal carotid artery.