Table 1

Demographic data

n (excluded)MaleAge in years (mean±SD)RangeMRC score at baselineMMSE at baselineNumber of participants with repeat data (max. number of repeats)Time between first and last EEG in days (mean±SD)Time between symptom onset and first EEG in days (mean±SD)
Controls29 (2)1749.2±1224–692029.51±0.928 (3)539.0±194.7NA
Patients67 (6)3247.3±13.720–8117.03±4.722.98±8.3344 (6)641.0±369.4NA
Asymptomatic IPD23 (2)940±13.720–722029±1.5216 (5)837.8±333.5NA
Symptomatic IPD30 (0)1446.2±10.226–7016.98±4.1320.82±8.8125 (6)582.8±325.21318±1756
sCJD14 (4)961.8±9.244–8111.18±5.616.3±7.73 (3)78±61.4299±191
  • The baseline MRC Scale and Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) scores, the number of participants with more than one EEG recording and the maximum number of EEGs per participant, the average time between first and last recordings and the time between symptom onset and first EEG are also shown. n: number of participants included in the study. The number of participants excluded due to high amount of artefacts on the EEG are shown in brackets.

  • IPD, inherited prion disease; NA, not applicable; sCJD, sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.