Table 5

Combined intervention (CSP–RYCT) versus TAU: adjusted means and differences when main effect or interaction was significant at 12 months

First follow-upSecond follow-up
MeasureData setMissingCombinedTAUMD95% CI of MDSignificance levelMissingCombinedTAUMD95% CI of MDSignificance level
Carer QCPR absence of criticism and conflict*Original822.2821.590.69(−0.72 to 2.10)0.341422.3920.761.63(0.10 to 3.15)0.04
Imputed021.9721.090.88(−0.85 to 2.34)0.24022.3220.212.11(0.54 to 3.69)0.01
Carer QCPR total*Original855.5753.432.14(−0.22 to 4.50)0.081454.3551.772.59(−0.27 to 5.44)0.08
Imputed054.9852.512.47(−0.02 to 4.97)0.05054.2051.083.13(0.42 to 5.83)0.03
QoL-AD proxy*†Original730.7331.42−0.69(−2.34 to 0.96)0.411229.6829.88−0.20(−2.15 to 1.75)0.84
Imputed030.4931.22−0.73(−2.40 to 0.94)0.39029.6829.88−0.20(−2.15 to 1.75)0.84
DEMQOL proxy*†Original796.37100.70−4.31(−8.19 to −0.44)0.031295.0997.40−2.31(−6.57 to 1.94)0.28
Imputed095.6799.90−4.23(−9.08 to −0.38)0.03094.2096.67−2.48(−6.98 to 2.02)0.28
ADCS-ADL*†Original2342.5343.18−0.65(−4.70 to 3.39)0.753539.4944.07−4.58(−9.29 to 0.13)0.06
Imputed039.1640.62−1.46(−5.47 to 2.54)0.48034.0238.40−4.39(−10.20 to 1.43)0.14
  • Covariates: baseline score, participant gender, kinship and centre (random effect).

  • *Higher scores are better.

  • †MMSE was also covariate in models for people with dementia.

  • ADCS-ADL, Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study—Activities of Daily Living; DEMQOL, quality of life for people with dementia; MMSE, mini-mental state examination; QCPR, Quality of Caregiver–Patient Relationship; QoL-AD, Quality of Life in Alzheimer's Disease Scale.