Table 3

Pairwise associations between the variables

Bulbar onsetFemale genderAge at symptom onsetRiluzoleLog diagnostic delay
Bulbar onset1.935.830.69−0.26
Female gender1.4 to 2.82.490.730.05
Age at symptom onset3.9 to 7.80.5 to 4.5−6.08−0.06
Riluzole0.5 to 1.00.5 to 1.0−8.0 to −4.2−0.07
Log diagnostic delay−0.4 to −0.1−0.1 to 0.2−0.1 to 0.02−0.2 to 0.1
  • The figures in the upper triangle represent the strength of association between each pair of variables. Where both variables are binary (onset site, gender, riluzole), the OR is given; where one is continuous (age, delay) and one binary, the difference in means is given; where both are continuous, Pearson's r is given. In each case, the 95% CI is given in the corresponding cell in the lower triangle. Figures in bold represent associations for which the CI does not include the null effect (unity for ORs, zero otherwise).