Table 2

Number of patients fulfilling the criteria and the sensitivity and specificity of each criterion or of combination of criteria for the discrimination between RRMS and AQP4-ab NMOSD

Number of participantsCriterion (a): lesion adjacent to the body of a LV and inferior temporal lobe lesionCriterion (b): U-fibre lesionsCriterion (c): Dawson's fingersFull criteria (a, b or c)
AQP4-ab NMOSD, n311224
RRMS, n4432133640
Sensitivity, %72.729.681.890.9
Specificity, %96.893.693.687.1
PPV, %9786.794.790.9
NPV, %71.448.378.487.1
  • NMOSD, neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders; LV, lateral ventricle.