TableĀ 3

Regression analysis for the association between risk estimates and motor MDS-UPDRS scores (crude and adjusted)

Crude exposureAdjusted forIncrease in MDS-UPDRS per doubling of odds95% CIp Value
Log odds0.520.31 to 0.72<0.001
All vascular*0.520.30 to 0.74<0.001
MoCA0.560.30 to 0.83<0.001
All vascular* and MoCA0.580.30 to 0.87<0.001
Log odds minus age and gender0.510.30 to 0.72<0.001
All vascular*0.540.31 to 0.76<0.001
MoCA0.550.28 to 0.82<0.001
All vascular* and MoCA0.590.30 to 0.88<0.001
  • *Vascular factors include diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, heart disease, hypertension, smoking.

  • MoCA, Montreal Cognitive Assessment.