Table 1

Characteristics of patients and pathological findings in the sural nerve biopsy specimens

Teased fibres
CaseAntibodiesAge* (years)/sexDuration†Type‡Sural nerve SCV (m/s)MF density (number/mm2)UMF density (number /mm2)De (%)Re (%)Ax (%)Axo–glial detachment (%)
1NF15/M7 monthsDADS31841538 56600247
2NF26/M5 monthsTypicalNE653224 88013377
3NF55/M7 monthsTypicalNE586729 33806229
4NF26/M13 monthsDADS35631727 95507248
5NF24/F5 monthsDADS48610728 7430219
6NF41/M4 monthsTypicalNE602924 13303058
7NF21/M7 monthsDADS44816230 18703245
8NF56/M14 monthsDADSNE587936 017211491
9NF57/F7 monthsTypical34604232 86197677
10CNTN72/M4 yearsTypicalNE602327 425011322
1132/M4 monthsMADSAMNE666429 77121332
1244/F15 monthsTypical35683531 0470806
1315/F2.5 monthsPure motor38748131 2600200
1460/M1 monthsTypical47676926 3709720
1561/M1 monthTypicalNE549229 983102145
1648/M2 monthsMADSAM44744122 7540612
1750/M4 monthsTypical43530821 6920913
1866/F7 monthsTypicalNE477819 90671500
1942/F9 monthsPure sensory30620437 8828412
2072/F13 monthsDADS35586824 636538011
2173/F9 monthsDADSNE211623 702124000
2238/F13 yearsMADSAMNE762729 58909010
2366/F5 yearsDADSNE474120 8570663
  • *Age at biopsy.

  • †Duration of neuropathy until biopsy.

  • ‡Based on the European Federation of Neurological Societies/Peripheral Nerve Society guideline.9

  • Ax, axonal degeneration; CNTN, contactin-1; DADS, distal acquired demyelinating symmetric; De, demyelination; MADSAM, multifocal acquired demyelinating sensory and motor; MF, myelinated fibre; NE, not elicited; NF, neurofascin-155; Re, remyelination; SCV, sensory nerve conduction velocity; UMF, unmyelinated fibre.