Table 2

Comparisons of pathological parameters among anti-neurofascin-155 antibody-positive patients, antibody-negative patients and normal controls

 1. Anti-neurofascin-155 antibody-positive patients
2. Antibody-negative patients
3. Normal controls*
1 vs 21 vs 32 vs 3
Nerve fibre density (number/mm2)
 Myelinated fibres6594±9855948±15168887±1330NS<0.01<0.0001
 Unmyelinated fibres30 298±479426 881±522130 586±4376NSNSNS
Teased-fibre study (%)
 Axonal degeneration3.6±4.21.4±1.90.6±0.7NS<0.05NS
Axo–glial detachment (%)53.5±25.53.4±3.7<0.001
  • Values are expressed as the mean±SD.

  • Probability was determined with the Mann-Whitney U test.

  • *Normal control values were obtained from 10 autopsy cases in which the patients died of non-neurological diseases (36.8±19.1 years of age, mean±SD; three men, seven women).

  • NS, not significant.