Table 1

Statistically significant within-group grey matter volume associations with clinical measures of interest for the entire cohort (N=23) and for the subset of women with functional neurological disorder (N=18) 

n Measures of interest Cerebral regions
(Brodmann area)
Peak coordinates in MNI space (mm) Peak voxel
p Value
Cluster extent
x y z
23PTSD-HyperarousalDorsal ACC (24)03024−3.97<0.001 (0.014)229
LEC—happened to meL hippocampus (20)−33−27−12−4.01<0.001 (0.010)176
18PHQ-15L anterior insula (48)−4012−11−3.93<0.001 (0.032)169
SOMS:CDL anterior insula (48)−429−12−3.87<0.001 (0.038)53
CTQ-AbuseL anterior insula (48)−399−12−4.04<0.001 (0.021)156
PTSD-AvoidanceR dorsal/perigenual ACC (24)23224−3.66<0.001 (0.046)86
LEC—happened to meL hippocampus (20)−33−27−12−4.27<0.001 (0.005)230
  • Small-volume corrected (SVC) findings are listed in parentheses. ACC, anterior cingulate cortex; CTQ, Childhood Trauma Questionnaire, LEC, Life Events Checklist; MNI, Montreal Neurological Institute; PHQ-15, Patient Health Questionnaire-15; PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder; SOMS:CD, Conversion Disorder subscale of the Screening for Somatoform Symptoms-7 scale. PTSD subscores are based on the PTSD Checklist for DSM-5.