Table 2

Antibodies in maternal sera and their associations with MR/DPD in the offspring

Neuropsychiatric/developmental diagnosis of childrenFisher’s p value
Positive/Total (%)Positive/Total (%)
Cohort A: mothers with subsequent psychosis and individually matched control mothers
 Either antibody5/11 (45.5)9/176 (5.1) 0.0004
 CASPR2-Ab1/11 (9.1)2/176 (1.1)0.17
 NMDAR-Ab4/11 (36.0)7/176 (4.0) 0.00518
Cohort B: mothers of children with mental retardation and other disorders of psychological development and individually matched control mothers
 CASPR2-Ab7/171 (4.1)1/171 (0.6)0.067
 NMDAR-Ab10/171 (5.8)9/171 (5.3)>0.99
Combined analysis
 CASPR2-Ab8/182 (4.4)3/347 (0.9) 0.01
 NMDAR-Ab14/182 (7.7)16/347 (4.6)0.17
  • MR/DPD as defined here includes children with a mild or unspecified mental retardation with or without impairment of behaviour, specific developmental disorders of scholastic skills or other disorders of psychological development.

  • CASPR2, contactin-associated protein-like 2; MR/DPD, mental retardation and/or disorders of psychological development; NMDAR, N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor.  Significant p values are in bold.