Table 2

Clinical characteristics of 22 individual patients with MOG-IgG

GenderAge at onsetEthnicityMOG-IgG1 CBA scoreAQP4-IgG CBA scoreNegative conversion of MOG-IgG at last follow-upOnset phenotypePhenotypes at last follow-upClinical diagnosis at last follow-upNo of attackCurrent EDSSOCB statusOther autoimmune serologyVEP/OCTBrain MRI lesion localizationFollow-up duration (months)Disease duration (months)Current treatment
1F41K1K0NoOOIdiopathic AQP4-IgG negative ON63NAntinuclear Ab(+), homogenous patternVEP: DPLNone4949RTX
2F8K30NoO(b)+BO(b)+BSeronegative NMOSD112N/ANegativeOCT: RNFLTSC, DGM194195RTX
3F46K3.50NoBBSeronegative NMOSD13N/AAnti-SS-A Ab(+)VEP: normalPV3450AZA
Seronegative NMOSD41NAntinuclear Ab(+), speckled patternOCT: RNFLTJC, SC6568AZA
5F29K30NoOO+BSeronegative NMOSD42NNegativeVEP: DPL, OCT: RNFLTBs3053MMF
6M50K10NoBB+MOther demyelinating syndrome22NNegativeVEP: normalSC3234AZA
7F35K30YesMM+BRRMS53PNegativeVEP: normalPV, JC, Bs106107IFNβ
Other demyelinating syndrome46PAntinuclear Ab(+), speckled patternVEP: DPLPV, SC200201MMF
9M42K10YesM(l)M(l)Idiopathic AQP4-IgG negative M56.5PNegativeVEP: normalNone135136AZA
10M33K10YesO(b)+MO(b)+M+BSeronegative NMOSD31.5NNegativeVEP: DPL, OCT: RNFLTBs9495RTX
Seronegative NMOSD10NNegativeN/ANone7126None
12F4K20NAOO+BSeronegative NMOSD163NNegativeN/APV, Bs, DGM114240AZA
13F34K40NAO(b)O(b)Idiopathic AQP4-IgG negative ON21NNegativeVEP: DPLNone41119None
14F27K30NAOOIdiopathic AQP4-IgG negative ON31PNegativeVEP: DPLNone61153None
15F10K20NABBOther demyelinating syndrome20N/ANegativeN/ABs, DGM23128NA
Seropositive NMOSD47N/AAnti-SS-A Ab(+), antinuclear Ab(+), speckled patternVEP: DPLNone85136AZA
17M30K10NAM(l)M(l)Idiopathic AQP4-IgG negative M10N/ANegativeVEP: normalNone113160None
18F28K10.5NABB+M(l)Seronegative NMOSD25.5NAnti-ds DNA Ab(+)VEP: normalPV, Bs71105AZA
19M30K20NAMMIdiopathic AQP4-IgG negative M12.5PNegativeVEP: normalNone4468NA
20F7K30NAOO+BSeronegative NMOSD20NNegativeVEP: DPL, OCT: RNFLTSC2828MMF
21M31K30NAM(l)M(l)Idiopathic AQP4-IgG negative M12.5NNegativeVEP: normalNone2324MMF
22M21K3.50NAOO(b)Idiopathic AQP4-IgG negative ON41NNegativeVEP: DPLNone8888MMF
  • A score of less than 1 is negative, a score of 1–1.5 is considered borderline/low positive and above 1.5 is positive.

  • Ab, antibody; AQP4-IgG, aquaporin-4 immunoglobulin G; AZA, azathioprine; b, simultaneous bilateral; Bs, brainstem; CBA, cell-based assay; DGM, deep grey matter; DPL, delayed P100 latency; ds, double stranded; EDSS, Expanded Disability Status Scale; F, female; IFNβ; interferon-beta; JC, juxtacortical white matter; K, Korean; l, longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis; M, myelitis; M (gender), male; MMF, mycophenolate mofetil; MOG, myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein; N, negative; N/A, not available; NMOSD, neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder; O/ON: optic neuritis; OCB, oligoclonal band; OCT, optical coherence tomography; P, positive; PV, periventricular white matter; RNFLT, retinal nerve fibre layer thinning; RRMS, relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis; RTX, rituximab; SC, subcortical white matter; VEP, visual evoked potential.