Table 2

Methamphetamine-related stroke reported in postmortem series

Logan et al 27 methamphetamine deaths (n=146, all ages)2 (1.4%) methamphetamine/disease-caused deaths were due to berry aneurysm and subarachnoid haemorrhage.
Karch et al 28
Methamphetamine deaths (n=413)
Drug-free trauma control (n=114) (all ages)
10 (2.4%) cases of subarachnoid and intracranial haemorrhage among those deaths where methamphetamine was detected compared with none in control group. Concluded that methamphetamine use is strongly associated with subarachnoid haemorrhage.
Kaye et al 29
Methamphetamine deaths (n=371, all ages)
17 (5%) due to cerebral haemorrhage. Cerebrovascular complications were significantly more common in females.