Table 2

Various nutrients intake and MS relapse risk using univariate and multivariate Cox proportional hazard model

Unadjusted HR95% CIAdjusted HR*95% CI*p Value
Energy intake (per 100 kcal)0.990.95 to 1.020.990.95–1.030.59
Total fat intake (per 10 g)1.030.80 to 1.331.200.89–1.620.23
  As recommended1.020.36 to 2.951.470.48–4.550.50
  High intake1.320.47 to 3.692.160.71–6.620.18
Fat type (per 10% energy intake)
  Saturated1.860.82 to 4.243.371.34–8.430.009
  Monounsaturated1.200.50 to 2.922.300.82–6.470.11
  Polyunsaturated0.280.04 to 1.710.470.07–3.410.46
Percent energy intake from fat (per 10%)1.180.83 to 1.671.561.05–2.310.027
Cholesterol (per 10 mg)0.990.96 to–1.040.93
Vegetable intake (per CE)0.580.35 to 0.960.500.27–0.910.024
Fruit intake (per CE)0.900.71 to 1.120.850.66–1.090.21
Fibre intake (per gram)0.950.89 to 1.010.940.87–1.000.07
Carbohydrate intake (per 10 g)1.000.92 to 1.080.960.87–1.060.40
  As recommended1.120.73 to 1.721.030.63–1.690.90
  High intake0.880.27 to 2.880.550.15–2.030.37
Percent energy intake from carbohydrate (per 10%)0.920.72 to 1.180.780.58–1.030.08
Protein intake (per 10 g)0.980.81 to 1.180.980.80–1.200.82
Percent energy intake from protein (per 10%)0.930.49 to 1.761.000.50–2.000.99
Sugar intake (per tsp)1.020.99 to–1.060.39
Iron (per mg)0.980.89 to 1.080.920.83–1.030.15
Dairy (per CE)1.150.89 to 1.501.280.94–1.750.11
  • *Multivariable analysis adjusted for age, gender, race, ethnicity, duration of disease, body mass index, total energy intake and use of disease-modifying treatment.

  • CE, cup equivalent; tsp, teaspoon.