Table 2

Longitudinal associations of ALSFRS-R total score and plasma creatinine levels with mortality during follow-up

No. of patients (%)ALSFRS-R total scorePlasma creatinine
HR95% CIp Value*HR95% CIp Value*
Overall1241 (100)0.880.86 to 0.90p<0.0010.930.91 to 0.94p<0.001
 Male793 (64)0.880.86 to 0.910.930.91 to 0.95
 Female448 (36)0.84 to 0.890.900.88 to 0.93
Site of onsetp=0.21p=0.93
 Bulbar290 (23)0.870.84 to 0.890.930.91 to 0.94
 Other951 (77)0.880.86 to 0.910.930.91 to 0.94
  • *p Values are based on the likelihood ratio test (shared parameter models), adjusted for age, gender, baseline level plasma creatinine, baseline vital capacity and ΔFRS. Participants were followed for a maximum of 31.9 months (median 14.0 months).

  • ALSFRS-R, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis functional rating scale–revised.