Table 6

HRs for EVD infection rate using Cox regression model

HR95% CIp Value
Catheter type
 Antibiotic-impregnated0.870.37 to 2.030.75
 Silver-bearing1.350.63 to 2.880.44
Length of tunnelling
 0–5 cmRef
 >5 cm0.750.36 to 1.550.44
CSF sampling frequency
 1–2 times per weekRef--
 Alternate days5.282.25 to 12.38<0.01
 Daily4.731.28 to 17.420.02
 Unknown1.260.56 to 2.820.58
Duration of EVD use
 0–7 daysRef--
 ≥8 days2.471.12 to 5.450.03
  • *Cox regression model adjusted for age and sex based on 441 EVDs where date of exit (infection, death or 30 days) was available.

  • CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; EVD, external ventricular drain.