Table 1

Summary of reports of HSCT for MS

nAgeMS subtype (n)Disease duration (years)EDSSConditioningFollow-up time (months)PFSMRINEDATRMPrognostic factors
Burman et al 37 (41*) 4831†34525.5‡6‡34647†6077608560680Gd+ at baseline
Nash et al 40 2438‡244.9‡4.5‡2462‡6091608660690
Burt et al 38 (145*) 15137‡1182761‡4‡14530†4887n/an/a48680Disease duration <10 years
RRMS vs SPMS fever in the peritransplant period
Atkins et al 39 2434‡12125.8‡5‡2480‡60706010060704.2
  • *Only evaluated for safety.

  • †Mean.

  • ‡Median.

  • EDSS, expanded disability status score; HSCT, haematopoietic stem cell transplantation; MS, multiple sclerosis; NEDA, no evidence of disease activity; TRM, treatment-related mortality;RRMS, relapsing-remitting MS SPMS, secondary progressive MS; PPMS, primary progressive MS; PFS, progression-free survival; BEAM, the combination ofcarmustine (BCNU), etoposide, cytarabine (Ara-c), and melphalan; n/a, not available; Cy, cyclophosphamide40.