Table 1

Clinical and demographic characteristics of healthy controls, AD patients with low CSF Aβ levels (Aβ(+)) and non-AD patients with high CSF Aβ levels (Aβ(−))

Healthy controls (n=20) mean±SDAβ(+) – AD patients (n=42) mean±SDAβ(−) – non-AD patients (n=23) mean±SD
Age, years72.3±9.874.22±7.574.9±4.8
Disease duration, m47±4243±23
MMSE, raw score29.10±0.7920.36±6.0420.08±5.71
WM-LL, mm3 3302.95±3964.118604.00±6550.326876.86±8025.32
CSF Aβ, pg/mL1214.00±186.92*486.43±111.06843.74±241.65
CSF tau, pg/mL209.40±93.73*609.48±371.12430.48±315.35
CSF Ptau, pg/mL30.80±15.48*79.24±30.7960.43±30.58
  • *Data available for 5 out of 20 subjects.

  • Aβ, β-amyloid; AD, Alzheimer’s disease; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; MMSE, Mini Mental State Examination; Ptau, 181 phospho-tau; WM-LL, white matter lesion load.