Table 1

Differential diagnosis for decreased conscious level

Controls (n=20)DLB (n=37)AD (n=20)MCI-LB (n=38)MCI-AD (n=21)
Age (years±SD)75.9±7.376.1±6.675.9±6.775.6±7.578.5±6.4
Sex (M:F)16:430:7§15:525:137:14*
Disease duration (months±SD)25.2±20.424.2±20.9
MMSE (score±SD)29.1±0.9*†‡§21.2±4.6‡§¶20.3±4.7‡§¶26.4±2.3*†¶26.5±2.1*†¶
ACE (score±SD)94.8±3.0*†‡§62.1±15.4‡§¶60.5±16.5‡§¶78.2±9.6*†¶79.4±11.1*†¶
UPDRS (score±SD)5.6±3.5*†‡§43.0±18.1†‡§¶13.6±7.2*‡¶27.2±16.2*†§¶15.7±6.5*‡¶
NPI (score±SD)20.4±19.9§14.0±13.3§14.3±10.5§5.1±6.2*†‡
Levodopa use (no of patients, %)0 (0%)13 (35%)0 (0%)8 (21%)0 (0%)
Antidementia medication (no of patients, %)35 (96%)‡§20 (100%)‡§18 (47%)*†5 (24%)*†
Anti-inflammatory medication (no of patients, %)13 (65%)14 (38%)5 (25%)23 (66%)9 (43%)
CIRS-G (score±SD)6.7±4.3*11.5±4.1¶8.6±3.69.5±4.39.5±3.9
CIRS-G without neuro/psych (score±SD)6.5±4.18.1±3.86.2±3.48.4±4.58.2±4.4
  • Results are presented as mean and SD.

  • Antidementia medication includes donepezil, rivastigmine, galantamine and memantine. Anti-inflammatory medication includes all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids.

  • *Significantly different from DLB group (P<0.05).

  • †Significantly different from AD group (P<0.05)

  • ‡Significantly different from MCI-LB group (P<0.05)

  • §Significantly different from MCI-AD group (P<0.05)

  • ¶Significantly different from controls (P<0.05).

  • ACE, Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination; AD, Alzheimer’s Disease; CIRS-G, Cumulative Illness Rating Scale-Geriatric; CIRS-G without neuro/psych, CIRS-G score without the neurology or psychiatric components included; DLB, dementia with Lewy bodies; MCI, mild cognitive impairment; MCI-AD, MCI with probable Alzheimer’s disease; MCI-LB, MCI with probable Lewy body dementia; MMSE, Mini Mental State Examination; NPI, Neuropsychiatric Inventory; UPDRS, Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale.