Aß40 assaysCS n=52Pro-DLB n=33DLB-d n=43Pro-AD n=60AD-d n=281
Aß40§ (ng/L)99233084915730218070348913 613457610 9693873F=16.08
CS, Pro-DLB, DLB-d<pro AD; DLB-d<AD d; pro-AD>AD-d
CS, pro-DLB, DLB-d>pro-AD, AD-d; CS>DLB-d
  • *Tukey post-hoc test for ANOVA (F), Kruskall-Wallis post-hoc test (H).

  • †Age at time lumbar of puncture and cognitive evaluation. Mean and SD.

  • ‡Mean and SD.

  • §Aβ40 Innotest values: Aβ40 values were calculated with the equation: (Innotest Aβ1–40)=0.66 × (IBL Aβ1–40)+923 for centres using IBL kit (Paris, Montpellier, Lille and Rouen).

  • Aβ40, beta amyloid 1–40; AD, Alzheimer’s disease; AD-d, AD at demented stage; ANOVA, analysis of variance; CS, control subjects; DLB-d, dementia with Lewy bodies at demented stage; M, male; MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination; Ph-Tau, phosphorylated tau; pro-AD, AD at prodromal stage; Pro-DLB, DLB at prodromal stage.