Table 2

Functional imaging (SPECT) studies in POE

StudyYearParticipants (n)TimingKey results
Mellers et al 38 199812 IIP, 16 EPY-NP, 11 SCZInterictal
IIP group displayed hypoperfusion in left superior temporal gyrus during verbal fluency compared with word repetition relative to EPY-NP and SCZ groups.
Fong et al 40 20026 PIPPsychosis SPECTLateral temporal hyperperfusion during PIP
Leutmezer et al 41 20035 PIPPsychosis SPECTBifrontal and bitemporal hyperperfusion during PIP
Guarnieri et al 39 200521 IIP or PIP, 23 TLE-NPInterictal SPECTNo significant differences. Trend for rCBF increase in right posterior cingulate in the POE group
Nishida et al 42 200617 PIP, 5 postictal maniaPsychosis
Hyperperfusion in the temporal and/or frontal lobes during PIP; three patients with PIP showed increased perfusion in areas ipsilateral to the predicted epileptogenic zone.
Oshima et al 43 20115 PIPPsychosis
Three patients showed relative hyperperfusion in right temporal lobe during PIP.
  • EPY-NP, epilepsy without psychosis; IIP, interictal psychosis; PIP, postictal psychosis; POE, psychosis of epilepsy; rCBF, regional cerebral blood flow; SCZ, schizophrenia; SPECT, single photon emission computed tomography; TLE-NP, temporal lobe epilepsy without psychosis.