Table 3

Characteristics of manual tracing studies of hippocampal volumes in POE

StudyRaters (n)Intrarater reliability coefficientInter-rater reliability coefficientAnatomical definition
Marchetti et al 27 20.93–0.990.74–0.95As per Watson et al 49
Tebartz van Elst et al 26 10.99 (hippocampus), 0.88 (amygdala)As per Watson et al 49
Marsh et al 25 0.90, right hippocampus=0.84Anterior=amygdala. Posterior=one slice anterior to: (1) ascending hippocampal tail (ie, tail not included), (2) absence of vertical fissures for lateral sulcus, (3) appearance of ventricular trigone
Briellmann et al 24
Maier et al 23 1As per Cook et al 46 and Hasboun et al. 50 Tail not included. No separation of hippocampus and amygdala
  • –, not reported; POE, psychosis of epilepsy.