Table 1

Clinical characteristics of the 17 patients included in the present study

PointGender/ageClinical presentationAb typeDelay PNS/IVIg (months)*IVIg cycles (n)Tumour histologyDelay PNS/tumour (months)*Tumour treatment during IVIg treatment (±3 months)Neurological outcomeTumour status at 6 monthsLast follow-up (months), patient statusCause of death
mRS at enrolmentmRS at3 monthsmRS at 6 months
1F/85SSNYo26Endometrium adenocarcinoma42-None311Complete response40, AliveNA
2M/80SSNHu1.23SCLC1.7+Cisplatin/VP16; carboplatin/VP16355Partial response12, AliveNA
3F/63LEHu26No tumour detectedNANA211No tumour detected38, AliveNA
4F/62SMNHu43Neuroendocrine breast cancer23−None344Stable disease8, AliveNA
5M/58MNHu5.56SCLC6+Carboplatin/VP16333Tumour progression26, DeadTumour progression
6M/53SMNHu3.81SCLC4+Vinorelbine/cisplatin; cisplatin/VP163NANANA3.5, DeadTumour progression
7M/67SSNHu26SCLC1.5+Carboplatin/VP16333Stable disease13, DeadTumour progression
Hu36SCLC2.3+Cisplatin/VP16; local RT; prophylactic brain RT333Stable disease36, AliveNA
9M/60PCDCV23.56No tumour detectedNANA333No tumour detected32, DeadTumour progression (lung cancer)
10M/56SSNHu36SCLC2+Carboplatin/VP16; prophylactic brain RT333Stable disease14, DeadTumour progression
11M/58SMNHu40No tumour detectedNANA3NANANA4.5, DeadFall with head trauma
12F/77LEHu22SCLC2+Carboplatin/VP16; local RT3NANANA3, DeadSepsis
13M/48SMNHu12SCLC1+Carboplatin/VP163NANANA2, DeadPNS
14M/39SSNHu34Neuroendocrine rectum cancer2+Carboplatin/VP16; FOLFIRI; 5-FU/dacarbazine; local RT22NANA6, DeadTumour progression
15F/62SSN/LEMS/ONCV225SCLC2+Carboplatin/VP16; local RT; prophylactic brain RT223Partial response20, AliveNA
16F/57SSN/LEHu53SCLC6+Cisplatin/VP16; local RT334Complete response20, AliveNA
17M/59LE/SSNHu3.86No tumour detectedNANA333No tumour detected16, AliveNA
  • *Delay from the onset of PNS to tumour detection: ‘+’ means the PNS precedes the tumour, while ‘−’ means the PNS follows the tumour.

  •  Ab, antibody; F, female; FOLFIRI: FOLinic acid + Fluorouracil + IRInotecan; 5-FU: 5-fluorouracil; IVIg, intravenous immunoglobulin; LE, limbic encephalitis; LEMS, Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome; M, male; MN, motor neuropathy; ON, optic neuropathy; PCD, paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration; PNS, paraneoplastic neurological syndrome; Pt, patient; RT, radiotherapy; SCLC, small cell lung cancer; SMN, sensorimotor neuropathy; SSN, subacute sensory neuronopathy; VP-16: etoposide; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; NA, not applicable;.