Table 4

Consensus of follow-up intervals for patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) based on their papilloedema grade and their visual field status

Papilloedema gradeNormalVisual field status
Affected but improvingAffected but stableAffected but worsening
Atrophic4–6 monthsWithin 4 weeks
Mild6 months3–6 months3–4 monthsWithin 4 weeks
Moderate3–4 months1–3 months1–3 monthsWithin 2 weeks
Severe1–3 monthsWithin 4 weeksWith 1 week
  • Note: Once papillodema has resolved, visual monitoring within the hospital services may no longer be required. However, caution in those patients who were asymptomatic at presentation, as they will likely be asymptomatic if a recurrence occurs and longer term follow-up, may need to be considered.