Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of participants

AgeSexIllness durationPiBMMSE*CDRPASSBNT
(FLR DVR)GlobalBehaviourLanguageSOBSingle word
Case 172F10 years1.0523/300.501311
Case 266M8 years14/3011213.521
Case 371F3 years23/300.5013.511
Case 454F6 years1.0424/300.
Case 553M4 years1.0620/300.5117.511
Case 663F6 years1.0725/300.501513
Case 780M6 years1.4919/300.50.5170.54
66.0±9.64 F6.6±2.51.14±0.1921.1±3.8
62.8±8.89 F-1.09±0.0529.5±0.6
  • Group values for age, PiB, FLR DVR and MMSE are mean ± SD.

  • *Significant difference between svPPA and control groups, p<0.001.

  • † Case 2 did not complete PiB PET nor was CSF available.

  • ‡ Case 3 had CSF amyloid beta and phospho-tau levels consistent with the absence of cerebral amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles.

  • BNT, Boston Naming Test summary score (# correct, spontaneous or with semantic cue); CDR, Clinical Dementia Rating; FLR DVR, distribution volume ratio of FLR regions (ie, frontal, lateral parietal and temporal, and retrosplenial cortices); MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination; PASS, Progressive Aphasia Severity Scale; PiB PET, Pittsburgh compound B PET; single word, PASS single word comprehension score; SOB, PASS Sum of Boxes score; svPPA, semantic variant of primary progressive aphasia.