Table 3

Longitudinal OCT results of patients with NMOSD and HCs.

Absolute change in HCAbsolute change in EyesON− EyesON+ Longitudinal change in EyesON− vs HCLongitudinal change in EyesON+ vs HC
Mean±SD Mean±SDMean±SDBSER2 marg R2 cond P valuesBSER2 marg R2 cond P values
GCIP (mm3)0.00±0.01−0.01±0.020.00±0.02−0.0030.0020.1230.9950.0448.8e−5 0.0020.5800.9970.960
pRNFL (µm)−0.61±2.00−0.68±3.52−0.94±3.09−0.1040.3120.0160.9800.740−0.1130.2570.4540.9950.663
INL (mm3)0.00±0.010.00±0.010.00±0.01−6.7e−5 0.0010.0190.9570.947−5.0e−5 0.0010.0190.9600.960
FT (µm)0.52±4.16−0.32±4.942.74±11.4−0.0470.5100.0770.9910.9270.9361.0930.1420.9940.396
TMV (mm3)0.00±0.02−0.01±0.03−0.01±0.03−0.0010.0030.2340.9970.740−0.0030.0030.4420.9990.380
  • B, estimate; Eyes ON, patients with NMOSD without a history of ON; Eyes ON+, patients with NMOSD with a history of ON; FT, fovea thickness; GCIP, combined ganglion cell and inner plexiform layer; HC, healthy control; INL, inner nuclear layer; NMOSD, neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders; OCT, optical coherence tomography; ON, optic neuritis; pRNFL, peripapillary retinal nerve fibre layer;TMV, total macular volume.