Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the subjects

Age,year, mean (SD)67.2(7.3)69.0(7.0)
Female sex, n (%)41(57)39(53)
PD duration,year, mean (SD)8.2(4.8)7.8(4.3)
Modified H-Y, n (%)
MMSE, mean (SD)27.8(1.9)27.7(2.1)
History of psychosis, n (%)25(35)25(34)
ESS, mean (SD)7.0(5.0)6.7(5.3)
UPDRS, mean (SD)
 Part I0.8(1.0)0.6(0.9)
 Part II ON6.6(5.2)6.2(4.8)
 Part II OFF13.7(7.0)12.2(6.9)
 Part III21.4(11.0)21.7(8.9)
 Part IV3.2(2.5)2.6(2.3)
WMS, mean (SD)
 Delayed recall59.0(19.2)53.3(22.7)
FAB, mean (SD)*14.6(2.4)13.8(2.1)
LDED (mg/day)640.8(244.1)624.6(240.5)
Dopamine agonist user, n (%)48(66.7)52(71.2)
Amantadine user, n (%)18(25.0)15(20.5)
Apolipoprotein E4, n (%)†21(34.4)16(25.0)
  • *n=70(donepezil), 73 (placebo),p=0.045.

  • †n=61(donepezil), 64 (placebo).

  • ESS,Epworth Sleepiness Scale;FAB,Frontal Assessment Battery;H-Y,Hoehn-Yahr;LDED,L-Dopa equivalent dose of dopaminergic replacement therapy;MMSE,Mini-Mental State Examination;PD,Parkinson’s disease;WMS,Wechsler Memory Scale.