Table 2

Secondary outcome measures

DonepezilPlaceboTreatment effect*P values
Means (SEM)Means (SEM)Means(95%CI)
  Cx in total PPQ−0.12 (0.152)0.53 (0.166)−0.652(−1.095 to −0.209)0.004
  Cx in ESS0.36(0.45)1.69(0.47)−1.33(−2.61to −0.05)0.042
Cognitive function
  Cx in scores of MMSE0.02 (0.28)−0.78 (0.25)0.8(0.07 to 1.54)0.032
  Cx in WMS-1 (auditory memory)11.2 (1.48)7.06 (1.20)4.15(0.43 to 7.87)0.029
  Cx in WMS-2 (visual memory)3.85 (0.66)3.32 (0.80)0.53(−1.50 to 2.56)0.609
  Cx in WMS-4 (attention)1.02 (0.87)0.92 (0.97)0.1(−2.46 to 2.66)0.94
  Cx in FAB0.07 (0.22)0.39 (0.23)−0.32(−0.94 to 0.32)0.315
  • Higher scores in PPQand ESS are worse.

  • Higher scores in MMSE, WMS and FAB are better.

  • *Effect size was estimated using GEE (working matrix M-dependent).

  • Cx: changes; ESS, Epworth Sleep Scale; FAB, Frontal Assessment Battery; GEE, generalised estimating equation; MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination; PPQ,Parkinson’s Psychosis Questionnaire; WMS, Wechsler Memory Scale.