Table 3

Univariate and multivariate analyses assessing the effects of baseline variables on 2-year PBVC

CovariateUnitUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
Beta*P valuesBeta*P values
Treatment (fingolimod vs placebo)0.41 (0.22–0.59)<0.0010.39 (0.21–0.57)0.001
NBV100 mm3 0.34 (0.24–0.45)<0.0010.30 (0.19–0.40)0.006
Screening PASAT score1 point0.015 (0.007–0.023)<0.0010.008 (0.001–0.016)0.038
Learning ability (high vs low)0.23 (0.06–0.41)0.010.17 (0.006–0.34)0.058
  • *Beta: PBVC change associated with the 1-unit change of the independent variable.

  • NBV, normalised brain volume; PASAT, Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test; PBVC, per cent brain volume change.